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JG DSLR Camera Remote

Entwickler Delvato Indie™

Ever wanted to remote control your DSLR camera ?Here is a solution where you can choose between :- infrared control of Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Minolta and Fuji camera (if your phone has an IR blaster and with Lollipop or above Android version)- Bluetooth Low Energy device connected to your remote plug- Wifi device connected to your remote plug
with these functionalities :- direct shoot- delayed shoot- time lapse mode (including bulb mode)
- manual trigger- light trigger- sound trigger
This App is free, with almost no Ads. Pro version will remove Ads and allow TimeLapse working in background when screen off.
Be aware that Wifi and Bluetooth modules are designed by me. You should send me a mail for further information...Without one of these modules the App will only work with infrared Blaster (if your phone has one...).Bluetooth Low Energy module has a range of 50m (much better than legacy Bluetooth)Wifi module has a range of 50m and even more with external antenna.
If you know the characteristics of your IR blaster and want it to be supported, please ask me.
Fuji, Minolta and Olympus IR remotes are implemented but not yet tested. Please tell me if it works.